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Introduction to the company

We are honored to present you with a company brief ...

* ALYARMUK Company for medical and laboratory furniture, dental clinics cabins, dental laboratory tables, and sterilization rooms,

ALYARMUK Co. was established in 1990 to work in the field of architecture and decoration, then in 1996, it specialized in the field of manufacturing medical furniture, laboratory, dental clinics, dental laboratories, and sterilization rooms.

The company's factories in Egypt Cairo & Gizah - KSA Riyad have international quality certificates and their products and services over the years satisfy their users and customers.

* Building a partnership with our clients is critical in creating a long-term relationship. This has always been a vision and it has always been a goal.

* We are not competing to be the largest company in the field of manufacturing medical and laboratory furniture, dental clinics, dental laboratory tables, and sterilization rooms, but we compete to be the best in this field. We are a company that started based on providing wide-ranging medical services for many projects and can provide integrated solutions for most projects.

* The company has developed clearly during work on several different and selected projects over the past years, not most clients as long as they return to business with us again to provide them with support or technical solutions or make expansions and also in any other new projects.

* We provide you with technical specifications and project quotations so that we guarantee the most appropriate solutions to meet your requirements of medical furniture, cabins, sterilization services, medical and engineering educational furniture, whatever your type of activity, including new products, support services, maintenance, replacement, and renovation.

* ALYARMUK services cover supervision, design, and engineering of medical furniture system, cabins, sterilization services, and educational furniture.

Our mission

To provide our clients with services that support their organizational goals, and to provide our clients with added value and flexibility that enables them and helps them excel in their business sectors.

Our vision

* To be the first company in the field of manufacturing medical and laboratory furniture, dental clinics cabins, dental laboratory tables, and sterilization rooms.


More about Al-Yarmuk ........

ALYARMUK  philosophy, which is represented in (one vision, one goal) has proven that working together with our customers as partners creates, in fact, what is greater than a passing business deal, it is a friendship that lasts for life. ALYARMUK began its strong relationship with customers almost since the establishment of the company, and these relationships still exist today, and this thing speaks for itself and who we are.

The most important thing is that from the time you contact us, you will be treated as a professional in need of a service that will help you create a better, more efficient, and more profitable work environment in the end. We understand very well that in the end, we all have the same vision and the same Target.

The company values are summed up

Creativity - professionalism - quality - attention and respect - honesty

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